We offer state of the heart security services.

On-site Guarding

We deploy security personnel physically present at a client's premises to monitor and safeguard their property, assets, and personnel. These security personnel are responsible for maintaining security and ensuring the safety of people on the property.

Mobile Guarding

We provide mobile guarding for residential estates, large properties, industrial sites, and construction sites. mobile guards move around to cover more ground and address potential security risks in various areas.

Remote Guarding

We utilize video surveillance technology and human intervention to monitor properties and respond to security incidents remotely. Remote guarding providers use cameras, sensors, and other devices to remotely monitor sites in real-time

A List of The Services We Offer

Event Security Management
Real Time Tracking
Vehicle and CashEscort
Risk Management and Consultation
Physical Security Protection
Fire Rescure
Electric Fencing/ Beam Sensors
Scanner and X-Ray
Access Control Solution
Chip Powered Padlocks/ Keys
Security CCTV Cameras
Electronic Security Alarm

Access Control Solutions

We provide electronic access control services that grant various levels of entry and exit into and out of premises for staff members and visitors in client's premises. Daily, weekly or monthly report of who went where and at what time, can be availed through a computerized log. Should any attempted entry into unauthorized areas be made, an alarm is activated.

Electronic Alarm Systems

We offer state of the art security alarm system with modern encrypting and signal to our base stations that in return alerts our nearest Patrol Team and Emergency response Unit (ERU). An alarm system is a big deterrent to burglars, one that is linked to a security company that provides monitoring even more so. We do need to ensure you have the right sort of system, or false alarms will be an inevitable, and annoying, part of your life

Intruder Alarm System

Birbo International security Company Ltd also we offer Intruder/Automatic alarm system which is a set of interconnected devices linked to Operation monitoring Centre (NOC) that is aimed to protect a premise, usually a facility, against intruders and to notify the owner or/and the monitoring station/center of any violation of the protected zones. Birbo International security Company Ltd we have more advanced alarm systems that can perform functions like access control (motorized gates, electric strikes in wickets/doors), lighting and heating control, and many other tasks of home/building automation.

Security Cameras

We service and manage High-quality security CCTV Cameras, control panels, duplex monitors, digital DVRs, and Power Back- up system. We supply IP cameras, PTZ camera and Analogy HD cameras for indoor and outdoor with night vision infrared, motion sensitive to miniature spy cameras. Also our CCTV cameras can be operated in remote view all around the world.

Car/Assets Tracking System

Track the location of your objects (vehicle, person, mobile, bike, etc.) online in real time. Choose from the following maps: Google, Satellite, OSM, etc. View additional information about the tracking objects: Speed, exact address, fuel consumption, and travel history, etc


Do you have areas that need to be locked with a padlock that has to be accessed by many people at different time but still be able to monitor and control access? If so we have the answer for you. We are the only supplier of chip operated padlocks with a programmable key that grants access to various people at specified times and days. The system allows for computerized access permission for a key to open a padlock at specific time, Say at 10:30am every Thursday for 6months or at once at 2pm only, outside the permitted time the key is useless. The padlock is made of heavy steel material that is impossible to break, jam or pick. The permissions for the keys can be granted remotely through the internet giving multiple options to managers Once the key get lost, its permission is deleted and therefore becomes useless immediately.

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Private Security Training

At Birbo International Security Company Limited, we understand the importance of security and the value of life. That’s why we ensure that our guards undergo rigorous training in our academy to equip them with the necessary skills to carry out their duties effectively. We are committed to providing our clients with security officers who are highly knowledgeable in safeguarding lives and assets, and we maintain this standard at all times.


Armed escorts services of cash, valuables, and other valuable expenses are provided by our company inside the country, with a team who are well trained and trained in this activity, manage the solution of conflicts, drive vehicles in non-standard situations, first aid, and, if necessary, self-defense and coercive means or use of firearms.

Physical Security

Our security officers are trained and vetted by professional trainers who have international and local experience, with the vast majority having military backgrounds. We offer permanent security solutions, including long-term security guard placement to help combat security issues such as theft, vandalism and trespassing. We also offer man-guard services, executive protection, and event security management.

Mobile Patrols

Our mobile patrol services include motorcycle patrols, courtesy patrols, and standing patrols. Our highly mobile officers patrol the site by motorcycle which is more efficient on road traffic and complicated roads..

Travel Security

Our travel security services are designed to provide security for our clients while they are on the move. Our security team provides a variety of services, including threat assessments, secure transportation, and executive protection.

Security Training

We offer a range of security training courses designed to enhance the skills of our security officers. Our courses cover a wide range of topics including customer service, emergency response, and physical security.

Security Risk Management Consultancy Services

We provide consultancy services to help clients identify and manage security risks. Our security experts can help businesses assess their current security measures, identify potential risks, and develop strategies to mitigate them.


I needed security for my event and this company delivered above and beyond my expectations. The security personnel were professional and made sure everything ran smoothly. Highly recommend their event security management service!
I've been using their mobile patrol service for my business and it's been a game changer. It's helped deter theft and vandalism and given me peace of mind knowing my property is being watched over.
Their executive protection service is top-notch. The security officers were highly trained and made me feel safe and secure during my business trip. I would use this service again in a heartbeat.